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6 Reasons to Fix Your Prospect Data – TODAY

Bad contact & prospect data has a corrosive effect on your prospecting and funnel building efforts. The impact is especially damaging during the current recession caused by the pandemic. Here are 6 key reasons why you should not delay cleaning and validating your contact data.


Your marketing and outbound sales team cannot afford to waste time reaching out to prospects who are unreachable. Whether your contact information is invalid or some of the contact records are so old that the people have long since left that company, every attempt to contact an invalid prospect is precious time lost that could have been used to call a legitimate target.

Better MQL conversion

If your marketing team doesn’t nurture prospects that fit your Ideal Client Profile (ICP) in terms of title, seniority, department, industry, location and size then its less likely that your product message will not resonate. Unfortunately, as a result those names will not convert to a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL). This is another example how valuable time, effort and resources are often wasted with bad data.

Better SQL conversion

Even if your business development or account representatives connect with a prospective customer, if that prospect does not fit your ICP it’s less likely that the salesperson will be able to convert that conversation into a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). Again, you can find your company wasting valuable time, effort and resources.

Avoid escalating opportunity costs

Prospects that do not match your ICP but advance through your sales funnel are unlikely to convert into closed business. Selling to an improperly segmented prospects squanders the productivity of your expensive sales resources as they try and move along an unlikely business deal. It is imperative to qualify a prospect out as early as possible so that valuable time and sales talent isn’t wasted chasing a low-probability sale down the rabbit hole.

Save your own job

When teams chase shadows - nonviable prospects and sales opportunities - sales funnels and forecasts have opportunities that never seem to close. Ultimately employers will hold someone responsible for the lack of results, and... well you know the rest.

Make more money

Ultimately, sales are a numbers game: calls, emails, meetings, prospects, opportunities and closed/won deals. The more time you spend working on the good stuff, and weeding out the junk, the more likely you will meet or exceed your number. Better yet, that means you are making your commission and hitting your accelerators. You just need to be able to sift the diamonds out of the rough, as soon as and as effectively as possible.

How do I fix my data?

There’s essentially two ways to fix your prospect data cleanly and at scale:

  1. Clean your existing contact database. Use our ContactPERSONA On-Demand service to scrub your database, remove defunct contacts, refresh and enrich existing contacts.

  2. Build new, detailed, accurate and fresh data that’s built from scratch using our CustomPERSONA service. Most companies that use Named Account Lists (NAL) are missing up to 70% of viable contacts at those accounts.

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