• Michael Hudson

Don't Play Hide and Seek With Your Prospects

We spend a lot of time building data, cleaning data and validating data. So we learn lot about our clients and a lot of the prospects they are trying to reach. No matter what techniques you use for outbound promotion and sales, we have one piece of advice for you, especially for the younger companies and startups: Don't make it hard for your prospects to reach you!

So what do we mean by that?

We sometimes feel that many vendors are using technology like web forms and chatbots to remove the human aspect of the sales process which is not a good idea in our opinion. People buy from people, not companies and if you make the first contact touch points distant and impersonal, you risk losing the battle for the customers business at the first hurdle.

You would be amazed how many smaller technology vendors only have a web form as a means of contacts them. The drop off rate for web forms over 3-5 fields is huge so relying on them alone is risky.

Then consider prospects who like to talk....you know....like Humans. If you don't give them a channel to contact you then you may lose out again. So, what's an easy fix to accommodating prospects who prefer to communicate verbally?

The answer is simpler than you think. You can setup a virtual, VOIP phone number for around $20-30 a month with any number of vendors. Most of those virtual phone accounts allow you set a professional voicemail greeting and then send an email or text alert that a message has been left. Some services can even email the voicemail to you as an email attachment so you don't even have to login to check new messages. Some vendors in this space are;





It's an easy and cheap fix and provides another way for prospects and clients to reach you. So, don't play hide and seek with your prospects, it could cost you dearly.


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