• Michael Hudson

Are you a “Pasta Blaster” Marketer?

In a conversation with a prospective client last week we were reminded that there is still no shortage of “Pasta Blaster” marketing campaigns out there. You may even be running one or more yourself?

What is Pasta Blaster marketing? As you can probably guess, its hurling mountains of emails at a non-discriminating list of recipients hoping some of them stick. Kind of like hurling mountains of spaghetti at the walk and hoping some of that sticks, hence our nickname for that technique.

Besides attracting the ire of anti-spam organizations, this type of push marketing is getting harder and harder in terms of burning through the noise of other vendors and competitors doing similar things. The growth in Marketing Automation platforms has intensified the volume of email being sent every day.

There’s any number of reasons why marketers have to resort to this tactic. Here’s a few:

  • You haven’t yet been able to identify the ideal profile of customer you are trying to reach

  • Your data vendors cannot filter on the various criteria that you might need such as: Job Title, Seniority, Industry, Location, Size

  • The old chestnut defense: “We’ve always done it this way”

  • There’s no incentive for your demand generation team to generate better quality leads that result in downstream closed business by the Sales team

The two essential components of the most successful demand generation campaigns in terms of viable leads is: 1. A well-crafted and honed product or service message and 2. Identification of the prospect personas that the message is mostly likely to resonate with.

Most marketing and demand generation teams do a pretty good job of #1. It’s #2 that they tend to make a mess of and that’s a shame because, not matching your target prospects to your campaign message means that most of the people who need to near it never will.

What demand generation teams must to is put more effort into the data building part of the exercise. This author has been involved in campaigns where a resonant product message targeted at well defined prospects has seen email open rates of 2-3 X the national average for the industry.

Blast email marketing to poorly defined targets that are among tens of thousands of employees at a large company is like hunting rats with a shotgun at 100 yards range. If you are luck one of the pellets will hit the target but the odds are very long indeed.

Don't buy those crappy lists that most vendors sell. Build your persona list using precise criteria and target your message at those people specifically. You might yourself getting better open and click rates because you are reaching those people who will be the most interested in what you have to tell them.

So now you need precise targeting data, we've got something to help you. Take a look at the custom prospect build service we call CustomPERSONA.


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