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Avoid Spray and Pray Marketing

We see a lot of discussion on marketing sites and discussion groups both from originators and recipients of outbound and email marketing. The most common criticisms seem to be:

  1. There's too much of it in general

  2. Marketers send stuff too often

  3. A lot of it tends to be amateurish

  4. The content or subject isn't actually relevant to the recipient

Solving 2-3 is a matter of marketing policy, strategy and quality when it comes to creating content and timing of campaign sends.

1 and 4 however do have ways you can reduce the volume of outbound marketing.

Account Based Marketing is the commonly accepted way of improving issues 1 and 4 by identifying and targeting marketing efforts at a much more relevant target audience. The premise is that using ABM will put a specific sales or marketing message in front of the most accurately targeted prospect or target company.

ABM is the de facto response to the criticism of spray and pray marketing.

However, as we have said before, an effective ABM strategy and campaign is heavily dependent on the targeting data itself. The typical ABM campaign target criteria is typically going to consist of any combination of the following criteria:

  • Job Title (e.g. "VP Operations")

  • Job Function (e.g. "Marketing")

  • Seniority Level (e.g. "Director")

  • Industry Category (e.g. "Manufacturing")

  • Employee size

  • Company revenue

  • Location by City/State/Country

If your outbound campaign is going to work effectively and avoid blasting prospects who don't meet your ABM criteria then you will have to ensure that as much of the criteria data is applied and verified in the database your are pulling your target list from.

There are two ways of doing this with Digital Persona

1. If you want to clean your whole database and then continuously maintain it then you need DataPERSONA. This is a plug-in service for your core CRM system

2. If you want to experiment with ABM list refinement and targeting then we recommend our ContactPERSONA On-Demand service which provides a discrete batch type cleaning service for smaller batches of contacts

If you want your campaigns to break through the crescendo of email marketing noise and messaging competing for your prospect's attention then you need to apply ABM targeting principles. Most of all, fix your data before you start another campaign.

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