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Bad Data is Kryptonite for Marketing Heroes

Marketing Kryptonite

Just as Kryptonite was bad for Superman, bad data is the kryptonite for Marketing Heroes

  • Want to get better targeting and responses to your email & calling campaigns? – You need good data

  • Want to do Account Based Marketing using different criteria? – You need good data

  • Want to screen, score and route inbound leads using routing and scoring tools? – You need good data

You can’t get away from it, you need good data to do any kind of demand marketing effectively and bad data will be the sand in the gears every single time.

How do you overcome marketing kryptonite? The best way is to:

  1. Fix your data at the source – usually in your CRM system or marketing database

  2. Tighten the quality controls of new data coming into the CRM system in the first place – for example establish minimum mandatory fields when employees enter new accounts and contacts into CRM systems likesalesforce.com

We can advise you on best practices in #2 but we can definitely help you with fixing your sales data in #1. Check our our Sales Data Quality offering DataPERSONA on our website and take the first step to losing the marketing kryptonite.

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