• Michael Hudson

Garbage Today or Gold Tomorrow?

We are often asked by customers and prospects: "I need to get leads over to my sales team ASAP"

Most high-frequency inbound leads come straight off a web form or contact us page. As such they have very little usable data and that data usually isn't validated.

Thus, if your Inside Sales person calls too soon they are going to be flying blind and spending the first part of the contact qualifying vital data points such as:

  • Am I talking to the Janitor or the President?

  • Am I talking to a 1 person home business or a 50,000 employee conglomerate?

  • What industry is this prospect in?

  • Where are they located?

  • Given the above data, does the prospect fit the profile of our ideal client and therefore is worthy of the effort to pursue the opportunity?

If leads are not processed and the above questions answered in advance, that critical and valuable first contact time will be wasted attempting to find this information out.

The point is: If you use a solution to validate and enrich the "raw" incoming lead, it may slow down the leads transit on to the inside sales team by a few hours but the lead that does show up in their calling queue will be vastly more complete and higher quality than the ones they are used to getting right away.

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