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Differentiated product and services messaging is exceptionally difficult…and never more important as prospects increasing shift to self-education prior to direct engagement with vendors.  Yet, Forrester Research tells us over 50% of materials produced by marketing teams are rated as ‘useless’ by sales teams.  And that sales teams are marketer’s number 1 market research source.  Those numbers confirm a fantastically inefficient and frustrating product messaging creation process.   But marketers usually don’t have visibility to specific decision maker, influencer, and user value perspectives…and most don’t have the budget or resources to perform comprehensive, quantitative research. 


BeMarketDo employs a quantitative, statistically-valid data analytics process that provides voice of the customer value perspectives.  We enable clients to drive differentiated product messaging based on what we learn from their current customers.  BeMarketDo will tell you what to say to who…and when to say it!   The First Party data we collect and process in our marketing analytics engine provides remarkable granularity of values held by your customers.  The result is customer relevant product marketing content that will complement your data-driven marketing strategies.  


In addition, BeMarketDo produces sales actionable data.  We’ll tell you with clarity the buying triggers for decision makers and influencers, segmented by company size, vertical market / sub-markets, geography…and many other factors.  Your sales team will know exactly what the emotional and functional drivers are for each person they meet.  BeMarketDo will transition your sales team from information gatherers to trusted advisors.


BlueWhale Research was formed by industry professionals with over 60 years of combined experience, who wanted to offer marketing services that just work. We have delivered over 2 million qualified prospects combined to the biggest names in B2B technology.


With team members located in most tech hubs such as London, Boston, and the Bay Area, we have our finger on the pulse of demand generation and understand the KPI’s that make sales and marketing professionals winners at their organizations.