Frequently Asked Questions

ContactPERSONA Managed Service

What is CPMS?


CPM is a data management solution especially designed for Digital, Demand Gen and Advertising Agencies. It’s a complementary solution for Agency data management that works upstream to campaign and sales systems such as Marketo, HubSpot and Salesforce.


What are the main functions of CPMS?


The main functions of CPMS are:


  • High performance search and list building of contacts and companies for the purposes of marketing campaigns conducted on behalf of Agency clients.

  • Secure data storage and management of contacts and company data acquired through various sources and methods

  • Visual reporting and analytics

I have Salesforce, why do I need CPMS?


Great question. Salesforce has good CRM capabilities and can store contacts, accounts and leads. What it doesn’t do well is manage data for:


  • Duplicates

  • Aging (contact and company data going out of date)

  • Automatically clean and verifying data being added to the system

  • Give your campaign teams a fast, easy way to search for contacts and build new campaign lists

  • Depending on your number of agency users, Salesforce can be cost prohibitive whereas CPMS is data driven pricing and is cost effective at 5 or 500 users


CPMS is not intended to replace systems like Salesforce CRM. It is designed to solve different problems for different stakeholders in the Agency industry.


I have a Marketing Automation system like Marketo, HubSpot or Pardot. Do I need CPMS?


Probably. CPMS is not intended to replace MA systems. It is intended to complement them by giving Agencies an upstream data management solution that produces more effective campaign data. That data is then loaded into MA systems and should result in more effective campaigns.


What skills do my team need to run CPMS?


None really. CPMS is managed for you by the Contact Persona team on your behalf. This is includes loading data, verifying data, cleaning data etc. All your team will need is a little training on is how to use the higher performance contact search screens and the insight dashboards. Everything else including the heavy-lifting is done for you.


Is My Data Secure?


Yes. Your CPMS instance is installed into a secure Amazon hosted environment and takes advantage of all the security benefits that come with that including SSL encrypted access, integrated access management and virtual firewalls.


Your CPMS instance is also frequently backed up to prevent loss of data. If your operation is mission-critical or multi-time zone we can configured a high availability version to avoid any possible outages for an extra fee.


How much does it cost?


That depends on the volume of data you intend to store in it, we have a tiered pricing structure for CPMS that means you only pay for the working capacity you use. We are happy to outline the cost structure after a conversation to understand your needs better. Suffice it to say that even the entry level tier for CPMS is typically 1/3 of the cost of an average IT Administrator or DB Administrator.


Where is my Return on Investment (ROI) Coming From?


We believe that CPMS will more than pay for itself in a number of ways, including:


  • Vastly reduced duplicate purchases of data that you already have but cannot currently track properly

  • Better response rates to campaigns from using frequently checked and refreshed data to reduce bounces, improve targeting accuracy for ABM campaigns

  • Repeat business from satisfied clients who benefit from better response rates, more accurate ideal client profiling and faster configuration of campaigns

  • More productive campaign teams whose data sourcing tasks can be reduced to minutes from hours or hours from days

  • For an Agency with 15+ clients and running an average of 50 campaigns a year we would estimate that CPMS could pay for itself in as little as 6 months.


What if I want to add more data?


This will be inevitable but no problem. You can source new data from Contact Persona using our CustomPERSONA contact curation service. We can provide an order form that you can invoke directly from your CPMS search screen to order more data if you come up short from your own database. Here’s how it works:


  1. You enter the CPMS search screen and put in a variety of search parameters such as Title, Seniority, Department, Industry, Location etc.

  2. The CPMS search screen calculates how many contacts in your database meet the criteria.

  3. Let’s say you need 2000 contacts, but your search screen only shows 1000 in your existing database.

  4. You can submit an order to Contact Persona right from the search screen to build the remaining 1000 contacts at a pre-agreed pricing schedule

  5. Contact Persona will build and curate the data you requested and inject it directly into your CPMS instance ready for use.


You can also source contacts from other vendors and we will provide a secure Box folder to drop the file into. We will then upload that file into CPMS and pass it through our rigorous data validation and cleansing process before inserting the data into your system (fee applies). This process has secondary benefit of showing you whether or not your vendor data was good or not.


Can we integrate with CPMS with our other systems?


A qualified yes here. CPMS is built on a flexible integrated and data architecture that provides integration with a multitude or MarTech platforms. Extended integration can be provided by further discussion and for a fee.


What do I do next to see CPMS in action?


You can fill out contact form here and be sure to select ContactPERSONA On-Demand from the product list. Someone will get back to you quickly.


Or contact us on: (855) 462-6499 and leave a message.


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