Refresh Your Active Contact and Account Data

Bad account and contact data will thwart the best efforts of even the most dedicated Sales and Business Development Representative.

It's like sending your Sales Heroes into battle with Kryptonite tied around their necks. Give them the quality data they need to succeed.


Be a Sales Hero

If you want your Sales Heroes to succeed, Job #1 is better data. Valid, accurate and cleaned data can make your sales team up to 33% more productive

According to Analysts, Sales Executives spend up to 27% of their selling time researching data on accounts and prospects that they could and should have available to hand before they pick up the phone or send that email.

Another Analyst quotes the "1-10-100" rule where it costs $1 to verify a record at the source, $10 to clean it after capture and $100 per record in losses if you don't do anything to fix the data.

There is a way out of this mess and it's called DataPERSONA


Data Cleansing

DataPERSONA is a like water filter for sales and marketing data. Dirty data goes in one end and clean, purified data comes out the other end

  • Duplicate records are removed

  • Defunct records are removed

  • Missing fields are completed

  • Existing fields are revalidated

  • Many extra data points are added

The difference between DataPERSONA and other vendors is the difference between getting your car fully detailed versus driving it through a coin operated car wash.

Continuous Processing

DataPERSONA works seamlessly with your core sales systems. Once a connection is established to your sales system DataPERSONA will:

  • Process new Account and Contact records added each day

  • Verify records changed by your sales team each day

  • Periodically scan existing existing records for changes

We monitor your sales database so you don't have to.

Business Value

DataPERSONA positively affect every aspect of your sales operations and tools:

  • Predictive lead scoring tools will work more effectively with cleaner data

  • Predictive lead routing tools will work more effectively with cleaner data

  • Campaign lists will be much better quality leading to more successful campaigns

  • Avoid the wrath of SPAM monitors by sending fewer undeliverable emails

  • Sales teams will have more selling time from not having to hunt for data themselves

There are many reasons to proactively clean your sales data and zero reasons not to.

How DataPERSONA Works

DataPERSONA connects to your core sales data system (e.g. typically once a day and pulls different types of data such as:

  • New account and contact records added since the previous connection

  • Account and contact records that have been modified since the previous connection

DataPERSONA also does periodic scans of data to flag and update changes in company data (employee size, revenue) as well as employee changes (have left, job title changes)

Account and Contact records are pushed through a comprehensive 11 step process that does the following key tasks:

  • Deduplicates account and contacts

  • Validates the account and contact record for accuracy

  • Enriches the account and contact record data with fields not currently available in the source record

  • Quality scores the record based on 80 calculation efforts

  • Passes the updates and changes back to your system

DataPERSONA is completely transparent to the business user and they don't have to do anything. They enter an incomplete contact or company data one day and the next day the record appears clean and complete with the extra data added.