Prospect Building Made to Order

Trying to target specific types of prospects?

Targeting countries other than the USA or Canada?

Targeting specific seniority levels or ranks?

Have you already tried other vendors for specialist personas and not found what you need?

You should be looking at CustomPERSONA!


CustomPERSONA is like the difference between a custom made suit and one off the store rack. Sure, the rack suit will suffice but does it fit your needs precisely?

CustomPERSONA is prospect data built to order, according to your specific needs.


Be a Campaign Hero

27% of a Sales Executives time is spent looking for client and contact data they should already have

Build them the data they need when they need it

Give them more time selling and less time researching

Get them to the most relevant people they need to sell to

Time is close to your campaign efforts to maximize data freshness


Create Immediately Actionable Leads

  • Match your finely tuned product or service message with those prospects its most likely to resonate with and more quickly.

  • Get to the prospects you really want to reach a lot quicker by saving your SDR's and Reps hours of detective work identifying those people.

  • Less time spent gathering prospect data is more time devoted to selling.

  • Having good prospect data to hand could save your sales team 27% of their day according to Gartner

Improve Your Targeting Abilities

  • ContactPERSONA turns 3 points of data into 25 - 30 points of information for precision targeting.

  • Unique data points are provided by ContactPERSONA to assure accurate targeting.

    • Job Function

    • Seniority Level 

  • Add social media to your targeting with access to your lead's social media usage and outlets.

Account-Based Marketing Launchpad

  • Lead and data management is the foundation of successful ABM initiatives, and CustomPERSONA's precise data builds provide remarkable targeting accuracy. 

  • Precision targeting based on CustomPERSONA's prospect data increases ABM effectiveness.

  • Predictive lead scoring can be made more sophisticated (for better results) when based on additional data.​

CustomPERSONA is a very precise prospect building service that provides custom prospect lists based on a variety of criteria provided by you the customer. These criteria include, but are not limited to:

  • Job Title

  • Job Function/Department

  • Company size - Employees

  • Company size - Revenue

  • Company Industry

  • Company or Contact Location

  • Job description or experience keywords

Unlike many other well known sales data vendors, there are no geographic restrictions to the contact and company prospect lists we can build for you.

An average 26.5% of the US workforce changed jobs in 2017

ADP workforce vitality survey

So what does that statistic mean for your marketing efforts?

It means that your contact database is aging by around 25% per year. if you data hasn't been refreshed and revalidated for say, 3 years then up to 75% of your contact database probably belongs in the garbage.

The trouble doesn't end there either. The 26% of contacts who left the companies you listed them at will be replaced by 26% more people that you don't know anything about either thus, compounding your data quality problems.

CustomPERSONA addresses these challenges in a number of ways:

  1. CustomPERSONA data builds are constructed from scratch

  2. The contact data reflects the contact's current employer

  3. Although the data will age after capture like all contact data, building it right before your campaign ensures its high level of freshness

Based on the Gartner estimate, we calculate that a Senior Sales Executive in the US, carrying a $1M quota could be costing you $314,000 in lost productivity and quota opportunity every single year you don't deal with the prospect data quality problem....