ContactPERSONA Managed Services™ 

Contact Management for Digital and Marketing Agencies

Does your sourced contact data get the results your clients need?


Contact Persona Managed Services helps digital agencies expand, enhance and update their leads databases and CRM data with the most accurate data available.  Our technology helps you build a more complete picture of targeted buyers, with validation of every data point.


Accurate, comprehensive lead data increases marketing and sales campaign success, so your clients get the results they expect, faster.


Do You Trust the Accuracy of Your Contact Databases & Sources?

ContactPERSONA Managed Service (CPMS) is a solution we developed to address the unique lead database challenges of advertising, digital and demand generation agencies.


Data sourcing and management challenges require a lot of manual time and expertise that could be focused instead on your marketing campaigns.

Contact Data Challenges

Buying and maintaining contact data is a core foundation for successful marketing programs. Reaching targeted audiences across digital channels is critical. But agencies lose time on database activities. Time that could be spent on other client needs.


Do you have any of these challenges?


  • Constantly purchasing overlapping or repeat data due to lack of storage and deduplication capabilities.

  • No ability to search existing databases quickly and easily to build targeted lists for new campaigns.

  • No graphical or dashboard visualization of your data.

  • No data update or cleansing policy and capability, which results in outdated lists.

  • Few insights into companies and prospects over time that could reveal valuable patterns and trends that could maximize marketing program success.

CPMS Benefits


Reuse Data You Already Paid For

  • Organize and reuse contact and company data already previously purchased.

  • Reduce your data sourcing costs from accessing data you already down before purchasing new data.

  • Be able to build lists for new campaigns quickly and reduce the time lag from sourcing all new data.

Build Campaign Lists Faster & More Accurately

  • Rapidly search for data using a multitude of search and filter criteria with near real-time search results.

  • Search for contacts based against named account lists easily.

  • Download contacts lists easily and in formats ready for loading into campaigns and Marketing Automation systems.

Understand The Data You Do Have Better

  • As you accumulate data for each client campaign, build up increasing levels of insights on your contact database.

  • Use that data you attract new clients with similar needs by showing your understanding of their Ideal Client Profiles.

  • Use data insights to proactively target new markets and segments.

ContactPERSONA Managed Service provides a powerful and sophisticated data hub for client and campaign data management so your database administrators and marketing team members can generate the lists you need faster, with validated data accuracy.

A CPMS subscription pays for itself quickly from savings realized by reducing and eliminating repeat buying of the same data across your client accounts.

High quality, continuously maintained Ideal Client Profile (ICP) data contributes to higher open rates, click-through rates and engagement rates for campaigns.

This means more successful campaigns and happy clients.

Our high-performance search interface saves significant campaign set-up time because teams can identify and extract ICP data for specific targets faster. Moving forward, we perform integral data maintenance so you can be confident that you are working with current, high-quality data.

CPMS Architecture