According to Dun & Bradstreet, 49% of B2B marketers are not happy with the quality of their current prospect & customer. In the article titled 5 Shocking Stats About the State of B2B Marketing Data a recent survey of 250 B2B marketers, the following key points were uncovered:

  • Data Quality Is a Critical Success Factor for B2B Sales & Marketing (and Becoming Increasingly Important Year Over Year)

  • Confidence in Data Quality Has Reached a New Low

  • A Lack of Confidence Is Hindering Many Data-Driven Strategies

  • Data Is Viewed as the Fuel for Driving ABM Campaigns

  • B2B Marketers Struggle to Integrate Their Data Across the Enterprise


If you share the views of the people polled in this survey, then you have more options than you may be aware of.

If you don’t think you can find solutions to solve one of more of the observations listed above then you aren’t looking hard enough because, they there and Contact Persona has them.

Look down the list of B2B data pains and challenges below and if you see one on yours on the list, click the button to see what your path to solving it is.



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My contact database is aging faster than I can clean and update it.





The data I am buying for my marketing/ABM campaigns is not accurate, detailed or fresh enough and it’s affecting our results





Our inbound or nurture leads are missing so much information we are discarding many of them before they even get to sales.


We are getting a high bounce rate on our emails or our salespeople are reporting a lot of bad phone numbers


We are getting a low conversion rate on MQL’s to sales Opportunities


Clean & Validate


The prospect data we have is missing so many accurate attributes we can’t do effective ABM campaigns with it.



Why Contact Persona?

Our Story

Like many inspirations, Contact Persona was born from the frustration of a group of people with a problem and no solution.


In Contact Persona's case, it was a band of seasoned Sales and Marketing Heroes frustrated with the state of their marketing and sales data. There were plenty of solutions to hold and process that data, plenty more to analyze it, but nothing available to validate, refresh and enrich it. This deficit resulted in wasting time and resources to research and complete it manually. It was time for this to change!


Thus, Contact Persona was born to make the lives of all Marketing and Sales Heroes easier.

Our Vision

The digital era's consumers come with new expectations—a highly personalized (precisely targeted), educational, and seamless experience—that will trigger an evolution for many Sales and Marketing teams to meet them.


When these teams transform, their data needs to mature with them, and they will need to actively work on blurring the lines of internal Marketing and Sales Handoffs for their consumers.


Contact Persona's vision is to provide accurate, detailed, and relevant information at all points of the sales and marketing process to aid the Marketing and Sales Heroes that will be leading the charge. 

Our Technology

Contact Persona implemented its vision as a collection of discreet cloud-based services utilizing some of the most advanced integration, data matching and validation, and cloud technologies available. 


Additionally, we combine our platform and services with an innovative 11-step automated process that ensures the highest level of data quality.  Lastly, we leverage a team of data agents to manually inspect data during our QA process to ensure the highest quality possible.


Our solutions will seamlessly interact with any combination of marketing and sales systems or can remain independent of your applications using simple data transfer techniques.


Only Contact Persona offers an on-going re-validation of your contact data on a monthly basis using our innovative change detection system.

Using this process, we are able to uniquely identify if your contacts have recently changed companies or even roles and proactively update that data for you.

Data Decaying Too Rapidly?


Contact Persona can deliver a newly sourced, email and telephone validated prospect dataset for your sales and marketing efforts.

With dozens of criteria to choose from, we can source even the hardest to find leads for your projects.


Customers choose Contact Persona when they must have the highest quality data that other data vendors cannot deliver.

Need New Contacts?


We can cleanse your existing Database, CRM, Marketing Automation System, etc. and re-establish the integrity of your sales and marketing data.

Moreover, we can enrich existing datasets with over 3 dozen attributes including all social profiles, company details, freshly validated email addresses, contact phone numbers, etc.

Suffering from Bad Data?