Frequently Asked Questions


What is CP?


CP is an online lead processing service that integrates with your marketing and sales systems. CP takes inbound leads from marketing systems, web forms and other inbound lead capture channels, runs them through a sophisticated multi-step validation, cleaning and enrichment process and then inserts the fully processed lead into your sales system ready for follow-up.

 We separate recoverable keads from unrecoverable ones and deliver the clean, enriched lead back to you for use in your sales and marketing efforts.


What are the main functions of CP?


The main functions of CP are:


  • We consume “raw” leads from your inbound lead channels such as:

    • Nurtured leads from your Marketing Automation System (HubSpot, Marketo)

    • Leads from web and gate forms on your website

    • Enquiries received by email

    • Leads from 3rd part sources

  • We separate recoverable from unrecoverable leads using several validation methods

  • We refresh, revalidate and append missing data to the records marked as recoverable

  • The records go through a final quality assurance check and are then routed to your preferred leads queue such as Salesforce


I have Salesforce, why do I need CP?


Salesforce has good CRM capabilities and can store contacts, accounts and leads. What it doesn’t do well is manage data for:


  • Fixing leads as they arrive

  • Weeding out dud leads such as interns, analysts and employees

  • Catching and removing duplicates

  • Automatically clean and verifying data being added to the system

  • Depending on your number of users, Salesforce can be cost prohibitive whereas CP is data driven pricing and is cost effective at 5 or 500 users


CP is not intended to replace systems like Salesforce CRM. It is designed to clean and enhance data before it gets into Salesforce and other CRM platforms.


Why does CP even exist?


Very simple. Consider this statistic from the HubSpot Survey.


  • There’s a clear disconnect between how Sales and Marketing perceive the quality of leads generated by Marketing methods: 59% of marketers say they provide salespeople with their best quality leads, while salespeople rank marketing-sourced leads last. (HubSpot, 2016)


The main disconnect between what Marketing thinks they are delivering and what Sales actually sees when they get the lead, typically in Salesforce


Marketing sees a lead that has:

  • Opened 5 emails in succession

  • Clicked on 4/5 links in the emails

  • Browsed 10 pages on the website

  • Downloaded and eBook

  • Watched a video

  • Registered for a white paper or webinar


As far as marketing is concerned this lead is showing all the classic intent and interest behaviors to the point where they will probably take a call, thus justifying the lead as an MQL


When the lead actually shows up on the Salesforce MQL leads queue, what the sales team sees is:


  • John Doe

  • Email address

  • Maybe a company name

  • Maybe a phone number

  • Campaign name where the lead originated


There is nothing else to tell the Salesperson the context of the lead. Key data usually missing includes:


  • The prospects seniority

  • The prospects department

  • The prospects location

  • The company’s size

  • The company’s industry

  • The company’s website

  • Reference sources like the Prospect’s linked page, the company’s linked page


So, as a Salesperson all I know is that this is a warm prospect, a couple of data points and that’s it. They don’t know which call script to use or even if I should be working on this lead based on location, industry etc. This is why Sales’ perception of Marketing Originated Leads (MOL) is no poor because of the lack of context and usable data.


ContactPERSONA closes that data gap between Marketing Automation and Sales systems.


I have a Marketing Automation system like Marketo, HubSpot or Pardot. Do I need CP?


Yes. There are many excellent marketing systems on the market, and they are good at managing campaigns, tracking responses and executing nurture processes. What they generally aren’t good at doing is capturing or maintaining data quality on the lead itself.

Many marketing systems capture what we call a raw lead which generally consists of a handful of fields, typically:


  • First & Last Names

  • Company name (sometimes)

  • Email address (can be a mixture of corporate and private)

  • Phone number


Many of these nurtured leads originate with gate forms and webforms or loaded email lists. Prospects rarely submit more than 3-5 fields of data and marketing automation system operators have to accept that.


CP can be used to build more accurate data before you load your campaign lists into the marketing system, and it can be used to validate and enrich leads after they have been nurtured in your marketing system.

What skills do my team need to use CP?


Nothing really. The process is simple. We connect to your marketing and sales systems during setup and configuration. We capture and enrich the inbound lead and then upload it to your sales system or back to your marketing system as a fully enriched lead. Other than a dashboard to monitor your lead activity while in CP and some assistance from your CRM Administrator, no other skills or activities are required on your side. The fully enriched leads show up in your sales queue ready to pursue.


Is My Data Secure?


Yes. Our CP systems are run in a secure Amazon hosted environment and takes advantage of all the security benefits that come with that including SSL encrypted access. Integrated Access Management and virtual firewalls.


How much does it cost?


That depends on the volume of leads you need to process and the SLA in terms of how quickly you need to lead processed upon arrival, we have a tiered pricing structure for CP that means you only pay for the data we actually validate and clean. Records we are not able to validate and recover we do not charge for. Contact us with your data volumes for pricing.


Where is my Return on Investment (ROI) Coming From?


Clean sales and marketing data have a multitude of benefits to both Marketing and Sales teams. Here are just a few examples:


  • Higher response rates due to communications that are targeted and relevant came out as a top benefit among marketers surveyed; it was cited by 66% of marketers as a 4 or 5 — on a scale of 1 to 5. (Demand Gen Report, 2018)

  • 74% of marketers say converting leads is their top priority. (HubSpot, 2018)

  • Only 5% of salespeople said leads they received from marketing were very high quality. (HubSpot, 2018)

  • 62% of all sales people spend between 30 mins and 2 hours or more doing data entry at the expense of selling time. See chart.

Do you have contacts bounce after you build and deliver them?


Sometimes. No data is ever 100% infallible and contacts move job at the rate of up to 2.5% of your database every single month. Our bounce rates on built data are typically 5% or less which is among the best, if not the best in the B2B data business.


What happens is data you deliver turns out to be bad?


We provide a 30-day warranty on all delivered data. Provide a bounce report or feedback documentation on inaccurate or bounced records and we provide a credit against the original batch or against a future batch.

Note: We do not credit for emails that bounce due to spam controls or defenses that reject emails for various reasons beyond our control including:

  • Too many graphic elements

  • Too many hyperlinks

  • Misconfigured email domain where the emails are originating

  • Phrases within emails that trigger spam controls

All bounce reports must be accompanied by bounce codes/error messages

The warranty on delivered data applies for 30 days from the date/time the data is delivered


What do I do next to see CP in action?


You can fill out contact form here and be sure to select ContactPERSONA from the product list. Someone will get back to you quickly.


Or contact us on: (855) 462-6499 and leave a message.


You can open a chat request at any time on our website


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