Frequently Asked Questions

Free Data Analysis

What is our Data Analysis Service?


Our data analysis is a preliminary data quality analysis on B2B Account, Contact and Lead records typically found in systems like It is available to qualified companies with B2B marketing and sales functions. It is not designed for B2C data analysis


Who qualifies for a data analysis?


Any B2B product or service company that believes it has a data quality problem (that’s nearly all of you!) and wants a little more detail on the specifics of the DQ problems so they can determine courses of action to resolve those problems.


Companies with less than 50,000 combined Account, Contact and Lead records are typically not good candidates from the data analysis.


Contact Persona reserves the right to deny a data analysis to any applicant we deem unqualified or unsuitable for the service or has not met the requirements outlined below.


What data scope does the data analysis Cover?

At a high level the data analysis covers 4 main categories


  1. Duplication analysis of Account and Contact records

  2. Key missing attributes from records

  3. Contact aging – estimating % of contacts that have left

  4. Business impact analysis


What does the data analysis report contain?

How long does it take?

Depending on how many analyses we have in the process, it typically takes 3-5 business days from the time we receive your sample data to the final report.

How do you receive the results?

Contact Persona will schedule a web conference call when the report is ready to walk through our findings and answer any questions. We highly recommend that stakeholders responsible for sales & marketing data quality and efficacy are present on that call.


We provide a written summary report after the call

What type of data do I need to provide?

You basically need to do a download of your Account, Contact and Lead records from your sales system such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics, NetSuite, Zoho or HubSpot to a CSV or spreadsheet file and send them to us.

We need to see all of the attributes for each object as they are used in our analysis. Examples are Created Date and Last Modified Dates.


The analysis is more valuable if we analyze all your data from the 3 objects mentioned but a minimum of 5,000 contact records and 1,000 account records is required for an accurate statistical sample.

Do I need an NDA?

We handle all data in strict confidence but can execute an NDA if required. We have an NDA or we can execute yours after management/legal review.

What do I do next?

Fill out the free data analysis request form here


Or contact us on: (855) 462-6499 and leave a message.


You can open a chat request at any time on our website:


You can also message us through any of our social media channels:






Do you have contacts bounce after you build and deliver them?


Sometimes. No data is ever 100% infallible and contacts move job at the rate of up to 2.5% of your database every single month. Our bounce rates on built data are typically 5% or less which is among the best, if not the best in the B2B data business.


What happens is data you deliver turns out to be bad?


We provide a 30-day warranty on all delivered data. Provide a bounce report or feedback documentation on inaccurate or bounced records and we provide a credit against the original batch or against a future batch.

Note: We do not credit for emails that bounce due to spam controls or defenses that reject emails for various reasons beyond our control including:

  • Too many graphic elements

  • Too many hyperlinks

  • Misconfigured email domain where the emails are originating

  • Phrases within emails that trigger spam controls

All bounce reports must be accompanied by bounce codes/error messages

The warranty on delivered data applies for 30 days from the date/time the data is delivered


What do I do next to see CP in action?


You can fill out contact form here and be sure to select ContactPERSONA from the product list. Someone will get back to you quickly.


Or contact us on: (855) 462-6499 and leave a message.


You can open a chat request at any time on our website


You can also message us through any of our social media channels: