Update and Cleanse

Your Existing Leads

Lead data grows stale over time.  At the current workforce turnover rate, it will take a little over three years for all of your current leads to become out-of-date.  New leads will come in, but why neglect your old ones?​


Marketing Heroes don't throw away hard-won leads!  Marketing Heroes make the most of what they already have, and they do something about the underlying problem!  Before they unleash their next brilliant campaign or nurture program, they use ContactPERSONA On-Demand to update, cleanse, and enrich their targeted leads to ensure the best results possible.


Marketing Heroes

Reuse and Recycle

You worked hard for those leads, why throw them away?  

ContactPERSONA On-Demand is a cloud service that will cleanse and update targeted batches of leads.  As an added benefit, ContactPERSONA On-Demand performs the same lead data enrichment on your legacy leads that ContactPERSONA does on your incoming leads.  ContactPERSONA On-Demand allows you to move at your own project-by-project pace.  Letting your focus and concentrate time and budget on your current priorities.


With ContactPERSONA On-Demand you can clean:

  • Contacts of a named account list

  • Leads or Contacts by region or country

  • Leads or Contacts by industry

  • Leads created during a specified date range

  • Leads or Contacts by age

  • Lead fragments collected from various channels

  • Targeted leads for your upcoming campaign or nurture program

See how stale your lead data is for yourself.


Focus Your Time & Budget

  • You don't have to clean everything at once. Clean targeted leads project by project to match your budget and priorities. 

  • You pay for only the leads that ContactPERSONA On-Demand can validate, not for any defunct leads. 

  • ContactPERSONA On-Demand allows you to start small (without procurement's involvement), and use a credit card or PayPal for your first lead data cleansing projects.

Improve Your Targeting Abilities

  • ContactPERSONA On-Demand turns 3 points of data into 25 - 30 points of information for precision targeting.

  • Unique data points are provided by ContactPERSONA On-Demand to assure accurate targeting.

    • Job Function

    • Seniority Level 

  • Add social media to your targeting with access to your lead's social media usage and outlets.

Reuse & Recycle Your Existing Leads

  • ContactPERSONA On-Demand removes defunct leads before a new campaign to reduce your Marketing Automation System's email bounce rates.  

  • Improve your nurture programs with more personalized and targeted streams based on additional lead data.

  • Stay in contact with those hard-won leads even after they move to new positions or companies.

How ContactPERSONA

On-Demand Works

ContactPERSONA On-Demand works in a similar way to ContactPERSONA but with the emphasis on bulk data treatment for targeted lists instead of record by record treatment as the lead arrives.  After ContactPERSONA On-Demand receives your lead or contact list, it applies its secret sauce to it and out comes a list of leads ready for your brilliant campaign.  OK, there might be a few more steps to it than that.

See how ContactPERSONA On-Demand can transform your lead and contact data for yourself!

  1. The leads are checked against Digital Persona's database of 5 million (and growing) known defunct contacts and email addresses

  2. If it is not defunct, the lead is matched against our central repository of 20 million validated contacts located in over 175 countries.

  3. If there is no match, we start building a new contact. 

    • If a corporate email address is present, we will populate the new contact with current corporate information and will add private lead data. 

    • If a private email address was provided, the real ContactPERSONA secret sauce is applied with our social media deep scanning technology, which produces a corporate email address about 50% of the time. Repeat step 3. 

  4. Now we have a complete contact, and it will go through a quality assurance (QA) check.

  5. If a lead does not pass the QA, it is routed to a Data Analyst who will correct or complete it. 

  6. At the end of the list processing, ContactPERSONA On-Demand provides you with two files. 

    • A list of defunct leads or contacts so you can scrub them from your marketing and sales platforms. 

    • A list of cleaned, updated and enriched leads or contacts, so you update your existing leads or contacts.