Validate, Refresh, and

Enrich Your Incoming Leads

Missing phone number?

Old email address?

Given a Gmail address?

No company name?

No title?

No Problem!

Marketing Heroes won't let the lead management problems of the past affect their plans for change. They have ContactPERSONA validate, refresh and enrich their leads as they come in, so they are ready for immediate action.


Be a Marketing Hero

The customer expectations have changed in the digital age, have your Marketing efforts kept up?

You need to be targeted.  

You need to be personalized.

Your internal handoffs should be seamless. 


Create Immediately Actionable Leads

  • Matched leads are processed and delivered in under 15 minutes.

  • ContactPERSONA applies its secret sauce to incoming leads as you receive them, not in batches.

  • On average, ContactPERSONA recovers 60-70% of leads versus the 10% averaged by manual researching efforts. Leading to a 6 to 7 fold increase in actionable leads.

Improve Your Targeting Abilities

  • ContactPERSONA turns 3 points of data into 25 - 30 points of information for precision targeting.

  • Unique data points are provided by ContactPERSONA to assure accurate targeting.

    • Job Function

    • Seniority Level 

  • Add social media to your targeting with access to your lead's social media usage and outlets.

Account-Based Marketing Launchpad

  • Lead and data management is the foundation of successful ABM initiatives, and ContactPERSONA's lead data validation and enrichment provide the perfect foundation. 

  • Precision targeting based on ContactPERSONA's expanded lead data increases ABM effectiveness.

  • Predictive lead scoring can be made more sophisticated (for better results) when based on additional data.​

How ContactPERSONA Works

ContactPERSONA is a cloud-based software service that seamlessly plugs into your inbound lead channels for access to your incoming leads. Not everything is automated, so it accepts lead list imports as well.​

  • Marketing Automation System (E.g., Marketo, Hubspot, and Pardot)

  • Web Forms (E.g., Trials, Gated Content, and Webinars)

  • Lead Lists (E.g., Event Attendees, Trade Show Booth Scans, and List Buys)


ContactPERSONA receives and processes  your leads as they come in, so you get near real-time access to them. After ContactPERSONA receives a lead, it applies its secret sauce to it and out comes a fully actionable lead. OK, there might be a few more steps to it than that.

  1. The lead is matched against our central repository of 20 million validated contacts located in over 175 countries.

  2. If there is no match, we start building a new contact. 

    • If a corporate email address is present, we will populate the new contact with current corporate information and will add private lead data.

    • If a private email address was provided, the real ContactPERSONA secret sauce is applied with our social media deep scanning technology, which produces a corporate email address about 50% of the time. Repeat step 2.

  3. Now we have a complete contact, and it will go through a quality assurance (QA) check.

  4. If a lead does not pass the QA, it is routed to a Data Analyst who will correct or complete it.

  5. The contact is returned to your Sales or Marketing System fully validated, refreshed, and enriched.


The happy path is that your lead is matched, passes QA, and is returned to you in under 15 minutes. Leads take the happy path about 90% of the time.​ ​

See how ContactPERSONA can transform your lead data for yourself!